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Kayley Dobinson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Well now, Imma just give you a list of info I think for now, seems straightforward enough!

General info:

Name: Kayley Dobinson
Nickname: Noodle, Klee
Age/birthday: 20, 08/01/1992
Gender: Female
Location: England
Nationality: British
Occupation: Jeweller / local artist / assistant shop manager / art college student


Hair colour: Dark Blonde
Eye colour: Dark blue
Height: 5'0.1" <-- that half inch is important!!
Distinguishing features: Glasses, interesting array of earrings, scar on my lower left eyelid, great at pulling bad faces for photos!


Bands/music: Rammstein ^^
Hobbies: Being artistic, writing, collecting
Flowers: Snapdragons, forget-me-nots, roses, pansies
Animals: Big & domestic cats, wolves, and long haired lurchers!
Food: Gyoza, Inari Tofu pockets, chilli con carne, eggs, crisps, toasties
Film: My neighbour totoro, Howl's moving castle, The cat returns, Spirited away, Quest for camelot
TV: Family Guy, Mock the week, Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, QI
Word: F*** - it's just so stress relieving!
Colour: Blue/red/purple


Email: (For requests/orders/info and such.)
Found in :iconblessedguardian: journal!


[x]You rather be pale than tan.
[ ] You like to eat or drink red things.
[x] You're lustful. (can be...)
[ ] When you're kissing someone, you tend to bite them.
[x] You're dark, mysterious, and seductive. (When the mood takes me!)
[ ] You've tasted your own blood before and liked it.
[ ] Being out in the sun too long makes you feel weak.
[/] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others. (Threatening most definately I think, but not graceful!)
[/] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything. (It seems arrogant to admit really, but people do treat me a lot.)
[x] You're more active at night.

Total: 5


[/] You're incredibly lustful. (can be again!)
[x] Sex is almost always on your mind. (HA!)
[ ] You could make someone fall completely in love with you by merely kissing them.
[x] You're not a virgin.
[ ] You burn through lovers quickly.
[ ] If your best friend had a lover that appealed to you, you'd gladly do anything you could to take them from your friend and not feel guilty about doing so.
[ ] You can make love with someone and drop them in the same breath.
[x] If you don't "feed" your lust, you go insane. (ehehehe....)
[ ] You have strong/long nails.
[ ] You could get nearly anyone you want.

Total: 3 & 1/2


[x] You have a bad temper. (Sometimes!)
[ ] You're incredibly physically strong and fast.
[x] You love the moon.
[x] You're very loyal
[x] If you love someone, you'll do whatever you possibly can to protect them.
[x] You would go on a devastated rampage should your lover be harmed in any way.
[x] You like dogs.
[x] You're fairly sturdy in stature.
[/] You're either a good leader or a solitary person.
[ ] You have a hard time controlling yourself half of the time.

Total: 7 & 1/2


[x] You love cats.
[ ] You're lithe and agile.
[ ] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[ ] You like gymnastics.
[ ] You love to eat seafood. (BLECH)
[x] You're affectionate and cozy.
[x] If someone is able to sneak up on you and startle you, you nearly leap out of your skin or swat at them.
[x] You like yarn. (I knit! ^^)
[x] You like chasing things. (Seagulls!)
[ ] You're an excellent hunter.

Total: 5


[/] You're an outcast. (misfit, kinda)
[ ] You feel as if you're not truly alive.
[ ] You'll moan when you're hurt rather than scream and cry.
[x] You tend to zone out.
[ ] You don't feel very smart.
[ ] You like worms.
[x] You like taking things slowly.  
[ ] You like odd foods.
[ ] You prefer to suffer in silence.
[/] You don't get much sleep. (sometimes, its on and off)

Total: 3


[ ] You're invisible.
[ ] You have an oddly eerie presence.
[x] You can send chills down a person's spine just by looking at them. (Maybe with that 'evil face' I apparently have)
[/] You have messy hair that is partially/completely in your face. (It's messy, but not in my face)
[/] You're incredibly gentle. (With some people!)
[ ] You're very shy around someone you find attractive.
[ ] You tend to simply disappear when no one's looking.
[ ] You enjoy scaring people.
[ ] You like the indoors.
[x] You are deeply connected to the ones you love no matter what happens.

Total: 2 & 1/2


[ ] You will eat just about anything.
[x] You like to attack people verbally or physically. (Again with certain people, usually there's always some person I like to playfight with!)
[ ] You are thrilled if you can make someone bleed.
[ ] If you were with someone, you wouldn't care if you hurt them as long as you're getting what you want out of them.
[x] You like stalking people. (GOD YEAH! :P)
[ ] You find it fun to crawl into tight, small, cramped, dirty spaces. (dirty? meh.)
[x] You get hungry easily.
[ ] You like torture.
[ ] You live to hurt people.
[ ] You like the idea of being insane.

Total: 3


[ ] You're into Wicca/paganism.
[x] You like magical objects.
[ ] You believe in magic/can perform it.
[ ] You perform odd rituals on a daily basis.
[ ] People find you intolerably cruel.
[ ] You enjoy manipulating people.
[x] You feel deeply in touch with nature and hate industrialization. (I'm slowly becoming the bee lady of my town! >w<)
[x] You love black cats.
[ ] You practice voodoo.
[x] You tend to laugh hysterically while picking on someone you find attractive.

Total: 4


[x] You have different personalities. (Everyone has two sides, does that count?)
[ ] Your style could change from Goth to preppy in the same second.
[ ] You're fickle.
[ ] You have more than one lover.
[ ] You're unpredictable.
[x] You are fond of many different things.
[ ] You can easily get out of trouble by changing your demeanor.
[ ] You often say one thing and mean another.
[ ] You like to leave your clothes on the floor after taking them off.

Total: 2


[x] You have a very bad temper. (When I get pissed off enough!)
[ ] You're usually angry.
[ ] You have to make other people miserable with every breath that you take.
[ ] You worship Satan.
[ ] You like pentagrams.  
[ ] You love to mess with people's heads.
[ ] You could do just about anything bad to someone and feel proud.
[ ] You laugh when other people are hurt.
[ ] Physically harming someone turns you on.
[ ] You respond to an insult by viciously attacking the other person.

Total: 1


[/] You're a very good person. (can anyone really answer that properly? I guess I can be.)
[x] You take care with everything you do.
[x] You can be extremely serious.
[ ] You're gentle and kind to even your worst enemies.
[ ] You cannot hold a grudge against anyone.
[x] You would gladly endure anything for the sake of the ones you love.
[ ] You're a virgin/have never kissed anyone/have never had a lover.
[ ] People see you as being very pure.
[ ] You are obedient and follow rules without question.
[ ] You love God.

Total: 3 & 1/2


[ ] You enchant people.
[x] You like organic things.
[/] You're almost always smiling.
[/] You love the world around you.
[x] You get attached to animals easily.
[ ] You're a walking-talking chick-flick/prince charming.
[x] You fall in love easily. (object or person it seems!)
[x] You have a very bright/bubbly/friendly personality. (I guess so!)
[ ] You don't HATE anyone.
[x] You like long hair.

Total: 6

IMMA WEREWOLF BITCHES! Second to that is faerie/elf!
  • Mood: Lmao
  • Listening to: My mum laughing
  • Reading: Nuttin'
  • Watching: The Cleveland Show
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Papaya punch J20 and tea!

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Uponbatishwings Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
happy bday! :D
KleeNoodle Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Awh cheers dude! Wasn't expecting to come across this today! :D
Uponbatishwings Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
:3 haha no prob! 
Uponbatishwings Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hi! Haven't heard from you in awhile
Also, mock the week is great huh? :p
KleeNoodle Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I know it has been a while! I've been living under a rock don'tyaknow... :P Mock the week is rather fantactical, how are you anyway?
Uponbatishwings Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:D im a lot better lately!
Uponbatishwings Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thanks :D
Aeris-Sanguinair Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Where did you get your pokemon figs? I have for over $1000 figs but I cant get my hands on unova and sinnoh. ;;
KleeNoodle Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My partner and I buy most of ours from eBay as and when we find decent quality ones. We also have a shop in the town next to us that has some peoples second hand ones.

Decent Unova ones are still kinda hard to get hold of though!
Aeris-Sanguinair Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
the only figs sold in stores near by, are figs that i have 5 of already.
I was lucky to be able to get Arceus. :l
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